Mobi-C Disc

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Treatment: Mobi-C Artificial Disc Replacement

Mobi-C by LDR:

The Mobi-C artificial disc is the newest device designed to replace and mimic a disc in the neck and it is an amazing alternative to a fusion. A fusion may offer repair but can create a very rigid result with very little motion at the disc surgery site.

The Mobi-C implant has outer Cobalt Chromium alloy endplates with a special coating that allows it to adhere and work exceedingly well alongside surrounding bone. The middle components contains a plastic base that allows for adequate comfort. There are no screws needed to secure the device in place nor contains hard immobile plates like its predecessors. The design and its components are state-of-the art and mimic normal disc motion. The Mobi-C has also been proven to be an exceptional replacement device for failing fusions. Patients that have needed a fusion removal, also called a takedown fusion, have a great surgical result. Not only does the patient get rid of a bad fusion, but they experience restored mobility to their neck.


Approved initially for a single replacement, the latest approval of the Mobi-C by the FDA grants approval for a two-level repair. This is exciting news for patients with more complex cases where two discs in the neck are damaged. The Mobi-C implant inserts easily during surgery and immediately allows motion preservation. There is also no encumbering post-operative bracing required. The development and FDA approval of this his artificial disc replacement has also significantly decreased the need for repeat spine surgeries.

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