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Comparison between a cervical fusion and a artificial disc


The vertebral fusion has been a mainstay of modern neck pain treatment for years. But it has its caveats- including loss of motion, a long recovery time, and occasional residual pain. Now with an advanced Artificial Disc Replacement, you can have painless freedom of motion without the negative side effects. Welcome to the next generation of cervical spine treatment.

Range of motion comparison between a cervical fusion and a artificial disc

Range of Motion

With traditional fusion techniques, the natural range of motion in your neck is greatly decreased. However, with an artificial disc replacement, you can enjoy the full range of your natural motion.

Comparison of procedure invasiveness between a cervical fusion and a artificial disc


As you can see from these x-ray images, a fusion can be very invasive and almost barbaric compared to a low-profile, minimalistic artificial disc. Minimally invasive artificial disc replacement works so well that you will forget the disc is there.

detailed comparison between at traditional cervical fusion and a disc replacement

This advanced treatment may be able to help alleviate your neck pain for good. Get in touch with one of our service representatives to see if you qualify for this breakthrough alternative to fusion surgery.

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