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An artificial disc is a prosthetic device inserted between the vertebrae to replace a natural spinal disc. When non-surgical therapies fail to provide relief, artificial disc replacement surgery may be an option your doctor recommends. The goal of artificial disc replacement surgery is to remove all or part of a damaged disc, relieve pressure on the nerves, and to restore spinal stability and alignment after the disc has been removed.

Center for Artificial Disc Replacement currently offers what we feel to be the industry's top disc replacement devices. We will assess the patient's needs to determine which device is best for the situation.

Bryan Disc

The Bryan Artificial Disc is composed of a polyurethane center with titanium endplates that is inserted between the vertebrae to replace the natural spinal disc. It is designed as a one piece device that allows unconstrained normal motion of the neck.

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Mobi-C Disc

The Mobi-C Artificial Disc is designed to replicate the natural motion of the cervical spine and contains patented Mobile Core Technology™ that allows the polyethylene core to slide and rotate inside the disc for self-adjustment to the cervical spine movements. This allows the device to react to the normal motion in the cervical spine. The Mobi-C Artificial Disc is approved for one and two level cervical disc replacement.

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